Russian language courses on the Internet with programs for your goals and interests. Learn Russian with a personal teacher from anywhere in the world, at any convenient time in our online school.

Our online Russian language course will help you learn Russian, as if you lived and studied in a Russian-speaking country. You will begin to speak and write in Russian, becoming an active participant in a wide variety of life situations along with the heroes of the films. First, you will learn to perceive the Russian language by ear and understand it, and then you will learn how to speak and write in Russian.

Learning Russian with us is not only interesting, but also effective. You can quickly achieve real results imperceptibly.

Moscow Language Academy offers you the following courses:

  • General Russian
  • Conversational Russian
  • Business Russian
  • Russian Grammar

-Preparation for TORFL.

     For those who want to learn Business Russian in order to have successful business relations with Russian partners or open a new business in Russia, we offer a special Business course. By tailoring our programmers to your specific needs, we can ensure that our students develop the skills and vocabulary which are most relevant to their jobs and daily duties.

Classes mainly take place in small groups of between 2 and 4 students- ensuring maximum student teacher contact and allowing our trainers to hone in on the elements which most in need of refinement.


Classes always take place  on our Linguistic platform of the new generation with virtual classrooms for online classes individually or in small groups (up to 4 students), ensuring maximum student teacher contact. Individual  classes are also offered for those with very specific objectives looking for a highly bespoke learning experience.

Available programs:

  • Classes are held at any convenient time
  • Using online-platforms

Price for individual online lesson
Duration 60 minutes 
2500 rub
Price in groups (2-4 students ) online
Duration 90 minutes 
13600 rub/month (8 lessons)
(Price for one lesson in a group - 1700 rub)

Type of course Duration Price in groups (rub.) Price for individual classes (1 - 2 students) (rub.)
General course  Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100  upon request
Business course Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
5 500 upon request
Corporate course  1 ac.hour from 1 750
Intensive Group Course (Mini Group)
- 20 ac. hours/week
15 000 upon request
Russian Grammar Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Exam preparation
(Preparation for TORFL)
Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Speaking Club Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
3 500  
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