The course introduces children with the Russian language through relevant authentic materials. Children learn reading, writing and pronunciation, learning a sustainable vocabulary base.

Why Moscow Language Academy?

  • High-Quality Teaching
  • State License
  • Individual Approach and Authentic Materials
  • Linguistic platform of the new generation with virtual classrooms for online classes

  • Affordable Prices
  • Certificate You're Proud to Present

Interactive learning turns ordinary lessons into a captivating experience.

What will your child get after studying at MLA?


The youngest students will talk about themselves, toys, pets and about their family, understanding the questions and answering them correctly. Children will learn to express their opinions in Russian, give advice, share their plans and tell stories from life. That is, in fact, they will communicate in a foreign language in the way they would do it in ordinary life in their native language.


Kids will learn to read short role dialogs. Older students - comics, stories and excerpts from classical literature. Furthermore, MLA students will be able to read interviews, news reviews on their own and will be ready to start reading non-adapted literature in the original.


In Russian language courses, children will learn how to write letters, recipes of their favorite dishes and much more. etc. The smallest will sign cards and invitations, fill out questionnaires, and schoolchildren will be able to write a letter to a friend, an essay or a short story.

Price for individual online lesson
Duration 60 minutes 
2500 rub
Price in groups (2-4 students ) online
Duration 90 minutes 
13600 rub/month (8 lessons)
(Price for one lesson in a group - 1700 rub)

Type of course Duration Price in groups (rub.) Price for individual classes (1 - 2 students) (rub.)
General course  Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100  upon request
Business course Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
5 500 upon request
Corporate course  1 ac.hour from 1 750
Intensive Group Course (Mini Group)
- 20 ac. hours/week
15 000 upon request
Russian Grammar Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Exam preparation
(Preparation for TORFL)
Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Speaking Club Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
3 500  
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