Intensive teaching method gives the effect of language immersion and allows you to open memory reserves and teach communication in Russian in a short time.


Intensive Russian courses last 3-4 weeks with a load of 16-20 hours per week. Role-playing games, real-life situations, active language training with teachers - native speakers give results after several lessons: you will feel confident, able and willing to speak Russian.


Objectives of the intensive Russian course:


  • Complete a full Russian course in a short time. Grammar and lexical material is given on a practical level, which means that all the knowledge gained is immediately actively used in conversational practice.
  • Restore previously acquired knowledge and include them in active use.
  • Expand lexical inventory significantly.
  • Intensify conversational skills.
  • Fill in possible gaps in grammar knowledge.



Group programs


  • 5 days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Morning courses 09.30 - 12.45
  • Afternoon courses 13.00 - 16.40
  • Start every Monday after placement test


Price: 200 euro 20 ac. hours/week


Additional discounts: 10% for students who take 12 -24 weeks of classes and 15 % for those who take more than 24 weeks

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